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The World's Leading Bitcoin mining company

Your Smart Move Is Bitcoin Mining. Sign up, fund account, mine a plan and shine With The Most Trusted Bitcoin mining company.

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We have the largest mining farms
Europe - Moscow
China - Hong Kong
India - Chennai
USA - San Jose
Japan - Tokyo
Brazil - Sao Paulo

Why Earn with KREMINER?

KREMINER Is the Largest and Most Trusted BITCOIN MINING Company in Decentralized Finance.

Human Support

Call or chat directly with a Client Services Representative. No robots. Our support channels are available and ready to assist you 24/7.

Optimum Security

We've built the most sophisticated bitcoin mining platform. We employed the best methods and security professionals with decades of experience.

Bitcoin Made-easy

We offer access to cutting edge Bitcoin technology including Lightning Network, Segwit, payment batching, and PSBT-based infrastructure.

automated Payment

As soon as receive withdrawal request from you, your job is done! It is processed instantly, and your money sent to your wallet.

Why Opt-In To Bitcoin Mining?

We believe everyone should be able to own some Bitcoin. We're committed to staying solely focussed on Bitcoin mining.

Comprehensive Bitcoin Mining & Trading Solutions

With a large mining community, we can assure you the best profit earning opportunity. So grab the chance and ensure your equal share from us. Because we want to grow with your development in this trading industry. So make it happen now!

  Professional Management Team.

  Leagal & Russia Federation Registered Company.

  Strong DDoS Protection Server.

  24/7 Hours Online Support.

  Started April 20, 2017

 Total Accounts: 79,255

  Total Deposits: 733,274,233

  Withdraws: 898,865,686

  Members Online: 3,287

  Support Countries: 158

Our Mining Plans


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 7 MH/s
  • Equipment: AntMine SHA-256 Algorithm
  • Fast Payout System.
  • 24 Hours
$50 Min

$500 Max

110% ROM


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 14 MH/s
  • Equipment: AntMine SHA-256 Algorithm
  • Fast Payout System.
  • 48 Hours
$500 Min

$5,000 Max

120% ROM


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 21 MH/s
  • Equipment: AntMine SHA-256 Algorithm
  • Fast Payout System.
  • 96 Hours
$5,000 Min

$15,000 Max

150% ROM


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 30 MH/s
  • Equipment: AntMine SHA-256 Algorithm
  • Fast Payout System.
  • 168 Hours
$15,000 Min

$Unlimited Max

170% ROM

KREMINER is a LEGIT BITCOIN MINING partner everyone should have; they are professionals, and efficient in their service. I highly recommend KREMINER for all prospective miners.

Vladimir Potanin

Russian Entrepreneur

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British Indian Ocean Trty. Zonia Badon $56 2 Hrs Ago
Sierra Leone Erasmo Terry $900 3 Hrs Ago
American Samoa Rubi Dion $500 5 Min Ago
Tunisia Dion Gaylene $5600 5 Hrs Ago
Greece Lawanda Luz $5000 17 Min Ago
Jan Mayen Islands Erasmo Buffy $80 2 Min Ago
Georgia Leigha Silver $50 10 Hrs Ago


Serbia Camellia Arnold $1000 15 Min Ago
Central African Republic Christeen Arnold $80 3 Hrs Ago
Togo Tama Volkman $600 25 Min Ago
Philippines Larisa Schroeder $5000 7 Min Ago
Croatia Joan Mccarthy $700 7 Min Ago
Haiti Anthony Smith $90 1 Min Ago
Tuvalu Buffy Mcnaught $700 25 Min Ago

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