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About Us

Discovering Bitcoin is the start of a lifelong journey. We’ll be one of your many travel companions. Here’s our story.

Why Earn with Kreminer?

Kreminer Is the Largest and Most Trusted BITCOIN MINING Company in Decentralized Finance.

Human Support

Call or chat directly with a Client Services Representative. No robots. Our support channels are available and ready to assist you 24/7.

Optimum Security

We've built the most sophisticated bitcoin mining platform. We employed the best methods and security professionals with decades of experience.

Bitcoin Made-easy

We offer access to cutting edge Bitcoin technology including Lightning Network, Segwit, payment batching, and PSBT-based infrastructure.

automated Payment

As soon as receive withdrawal request from you, your job is done! It is processed instantly, and your money sent to your wallet.

Who we are!

Based in Moscow, Russia and concieved in late April 20th, 2017, Kreminer is on a mission to empower everyone with the ability to build enduring wealth by simplifying access to the best version possible of the tool we call money - Bitcoin.

Our team is driven by a passion for creating solutions that make Bitcoin more accessible. We revel in seeing not only our customers, but the wider community make positive steps toward a better future via this access, and look forward to the day the financial and economics framework we live within becomes more robust and equitable.

What do we value?

We believe everyone should be able to own some Bitcoin. We work tirelessly to design products that make it easier for both seasoned ‘bitcoiners’ and first time miners alike to gain safe and simple access to Bitcoin. Our aim is to build to be a level playing field for all.

Our Team

Kreminer is fortunate to have outstanding board members.

Timofei Aleskeevich

CEO & Founder

Dimitri Vladislavovich


Sobakov Antonovich


Nikita Dmitrievich

Support Manager

Client Testimonials

The testimonies keep coming in. Join millions of miners worldwide today.